Fall Candle


Fall is a brisk, tranquil time of year. It is the quiet reflection of the year gone by, when we reap the harvest of our summer labors. It is a crispness in the air that makes us want to stroll along with nature, as if hand in hand with the land. No other season, perhaps, is as aromatic as fall, and we love it. 

We've captured the essence of Fall in our hand-poured soy candles. These candles are as luxerious as any top soy candle on the market. Soy burns very clean, allowing just the aromas to come through. We use a natural cotton wick to avoid the black soot some other candles put into the air. Pure, natural, and deliciously crisp. You will enjoy these candles in your home.

We have two Fall fragrances available.

Sweet Vanilla Chai-Warm, sweet notes of spicy vanilla fill the air. This aroma will leave you feeling warm and happy.

Purchase a 4 oz tin or a 10 oz glass candle. 


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apple ciderlicious!

Smells good enough to drink! Lasts a surprisingly long time!
Posted by Michelle Thelen, 1st Oct 2014