Olivü Box-of-the-Month


It's finally here...the subscription box from Olivü 426 that all of our loyal customers have been asking for!

Sign up for monthly deliveries...Choose the delivery frequency that you'd enjoy best! Either every month, every 3 months or a delivery twice a year. Each month we will feature a different "Olivü Box-of-the-month". Send yourself, (or your gift recipient) a box of seasonal Olivü products! You never know WHAT your going to get...you can just count on knowing that you'll LOVE trying the new products we send every month! 

Baskets are valued at $35 or more and receive free shipping on a subscription of more than one month. (Gift boxes will be charged shipping for the first month to avoid people subscribing and canceling to receive free shipping.)

This is the perfect gift for the person you know LOVES Olivü, but you're not exactly sure what product to send them. Who doesn't love a surprise gift box of their favorite products to show up at their door!

*Every month you are sent an email 7 days prior to your card being charged. You can cancel or skip your deliveries at any time. How convenient is that for a subscription. 

 *We can only send to one address per order. So each subscription will need to go to wherever the rest of your order is sent to....otherwise you will want to check-out twice.  Thank you!

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Box of the month

I love my box of the month subscription! I chose to receive my order every 3 months. It is easy to change if you want it sooner or to delay as well. I love all of the new products and the variety in every box. This is a great way to try different things and at a great price with free shipping! I LOVE all of the products Olive426 has and will continue my box of the month as long as it is offered.
Posted by Jess, 15th Oct 2018

Box of th month

This is a great way to treat yourself or a friend to fun and wonderful products. Can't wait each month till my box comes in the mail.
Posted by Donna Ogden, 27th Jul 2018

Fun, love it

I love the box of the month. It's different each time and always something that we can use.
Posted by Marjory, 11th Jun 2018

Box of the month

Hi Caitlin, got my first Box of the month and love it. All of your products are amazing. I have been shopping at your store for many years and will keep coming to you. Love the New store also.
Posted by Carole A., 11th Jun 2018

Such good stuff!

I was so looking forward to getting this box and it had such great stuff in it! Lotion, scrub, facial soap, lip balm, and more...all things my family and I will actually use and at a great price. I can't wait for the next one!
Posted by April, 17th Apr 2018

Fun, Fun, Fun

I was so excited to get my first box. I loved it, absolutely loved it. My plan is to share this box of the month with my two daughters. It has something for everyone. What an awesome idea to have a surprise box full of Olivu426 goodness to look forward to each month. I cannot wait to see what my next box has in store for me.
Posted by Marjory, 9th Apr 2018

Olivu's box of the month is just what I have been looking for!

I have been a member of Birchbox for almost 2 years now, and there is seldom a product in the box that I can actually use. The Olivu box of the month is just what I have been searching for! My first box was wonderful! I love and will be able to use ALL the products that came, and as soon as I am able to get out of the contract for the other company, I will switch over to monthly Olivu boxes because I LOVE all the products. Thank you for this opportunity to get a surprise box from Olivu, such a treat for myself! I look forward to my next box of fabulous Olivu products.
Posted by Jen Dubie, 18th Feb 2018