Summertime Lip Balm


Summertime is a great time to use Olivü 426 lip balm. We love it in our purse, car and our beach bag. We've launched a couple new flavors that are sure to be a hit! Buy them all!!

Rainbow Sherbet: Just like the real thing. Pink, orange and green flavors swirled together. It's like you can almost feel the ice cream head-ache. This is a staff favorite for summer!

Limoncello and Cream: Fresh swirls of Limoncello meat a chilled cream. Caitlin sais this is just like her trip to Italy. 

Sugared Lemon Blossom: A mature and delicate blend. As light as a sweet warm breeze through a lemon orchard.

Sangria Lip Tint:  A light tint of color to your lips with the background aroma of a citrusy sangria punch. 


TO USE: Apply lip tint directly to lips as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, beeswax, flavor. (Lip tint also contains mica)


*We love when people use our lip balms as gifts for showers, holidays and other special occasions. So please remember, if you order 20 or more of our lip balms, the price drops to $2 each. Must be same flavor to receive the discount. Customized labels available for orders of 20 or more. If you order over 20, please put customized detail in short text field and specify if you want your label color to be pink, green, purple, blue or tan (must all be one flavor and one colored label.) **Perfect for give-aways if you are a rep for a company. Put your name, number and website on it!




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the best lip balm, ever!

Nothing compares to this for lips- the summer 'flavors' are really nice.
Posted by undefined, 22nd Jul 2016