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Can I book an appointment for groups, parties or events?

Unfortunately, we no longer do bookings for groups, parties or events. While we would love to accommodate your group, we have not done parties at Olivu for quite some time. We are a small shop and everything is handmade by the staff. So as our in-store and online customer base grew, it became increasingly hard to manage in-store customers and a large group at the same time during store hours. For a while we tried to offer parties per request after store hours but it became difficult. Sometimes we'd arrange a party and it would get cancelled last minute after staff was scheduled. So, as much as I would love to offer bookings, it is no longer our policy to do group events or parties. I hope you understand. 

As for visiting the store to customize products, we offer service on a first come first serve basis. It would still be a wonderful experience to come into the shop with a couple friends or family members and have a more intimate experience. When too many people are in the shop it can feel rushed and overwhelming and we want you to have a relaxed enjoyable experience. 


What is in Natural SunBlock and why is it better for you?

The sunblock we use is a mix of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc is what dermatologists recommend for daily sunscreen. Our sunblock, which lies on the surface of the skin blocks out both UV-A and UV-B rays. Titanium Dioxide is also used in the make-up industry as a "whitener". Adding too much to a formulation will make you look very white...aka think an image of lifeguards. We try to do a happy medium. In order to say with any accuracy what the SPF is you need to have it tested by the FDA to make a claim. We like to tell our customers that it is great for daily use, but as always, if you have a history of skin cancer speak to your dermatologist about what sunscreen to use and if you are going on vacation to someplace sunny, perhaps a brand that has been tested for SPF levels will help to better protect you from intense sun. 
We like to keep it on the lighter side of heavy so our customers don't get a white film. So, our sunscreen is more for daily use, not sunbathing. 

Where does Emu Oil come from and why is it beneficial for my skin?

Emu’s are a large bird similar to an ostrich. Emu’s are raised first and foremost for their lean source of meat. In the hump of the Emu is a fatty deposit. This fatty deposit is sent to a distillery where the oil is processed and cleaned and poured into gallon jugs. Emu’s popularity as a topical oil for your skin has been on the rise as it proves to be extremely beneficial for many skin issues. The reason it works so well, is that because it is an animal oil, it more closely resembles our cellular structure. Our skin is made up of fatty acids and lipids. These form as the “protective” layer against the elements. People with eczema, psoriasis don’t produce these fatty acids as readily. Also for people who frequently wash their hands, or live in cold climates the elements can strip these fatty acids away. You can internally eat fatty acids and lipids…in the form of nut or fish oils, but you can also apply them topically, such as in our Emu Oil. Our Emu’s are locally raised here in Wisconsin, U.S.A and yield some of the best Emu oil on the market. You will also find our Emu products are priced extremely competitively. We are happy to offer a great price to you. 


How long does your Whipped Lotion last?

As a general guideline, you can expect the product to stay fresh for approximately two months after opening the container. By smelling and looking at the appearance, you can use your best judgment to ensure the product's freshness. Unopened, the product lasts quite a while on the shelf. Once the product is open, it is subject to many variable conditions. Because we opt not to put alcohol in the product 'impurities' can be a source of bacteria. It's helpful to think of our lotion like you would any deli product. Sour Cream is a good comparison. Sealed Sour Cream can last a long time in your refrigerator, but once opened, it is subject to sterile/unsterile utensils entering it or if a piece of bagel toast is on a knife when the knife goes in, it may mold faster. The same goes for our lotion. We encourage that once the product is opened, to always go in with clean, dry hands and then to use the product within a couple of weeks rather than putting it back on a shelf where it can begin to break down.  


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