Aging: The Beauty Problem that Spans Ethnicities

The challenge of reversing the effects of aging is something that all ethnicities can relate to. It’s a shared reality, wherever you come from and no matter the color of your skin. Men and women, we all age; and the process is irreversible. But, you can always choose to look fresher and younger than your age.

At Olivü 426 we help you along your journey towards a more youthful appearance. We use natural ingredients to make our products as powerful and pure, and as suited to as many people, as possible. Our anti-aging serum is a potent mix of nature’s best solutions: oils made from pomegranate, blackberry, blueberry, carrot seed, jojoba, rosehip, and lavender. We stay away from anything synthetic so you can experience all the formulation’s benefits, without the undesirable effects of artificial chemicals.

From West to East, an Encompassing Issue about Beauty

People have different beauty needs as they age, and a lot of these have to do with their ethnicity. For example, Caucasians are typically concerned about wrinkles and age spots while African Americans may be more concerned with pigmentation. People from across the globe have their own specific concerns, many of which are rooted in their own ethnic uniqueness. What most of us share is the overall concern about aging and dealing with the physical changes that are to come. Therefore, it makes good sense – no matter your ethnic heritage – to minimize the impact of aging, as early on as you can.

And the truth of the matter is this: the answer to the age-old dilemma is as basic, primal, and universal as the problem itself. The secret to aging gracefully and to looking younger than your age is found in nature.

Shifting to a Natural Regimen: Worth It!

The focus on organic solutions is here to stay -- and for good reason. The more we steer away from synthetic ingredients, the less we rely on chemicals that only do us harm in the long run. This core principle fuels our dedication at Olivü 426 to provide beauty products made natural ingredients. As you browse our Sheboygan, WI showroom or our online inventory, you’ll find serums, balms, creams (and an array of other wonderful things) that are made with the best of nature's ingredients to nourish and nurture your skin, from top to bottom.