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Beauty Tips to Simplify Your Morning

Beauty Tips to Simplify Your Morning

4th Oct 2017

If your beauty routine has become too complicated or you’re just the type of person who likes to hit the snooze button a few extra times, then these beauty tips will help simplify your morning and get you out the door faster.

Skip Washing Your Hair

If you’re going to hit the gym after work anyways, you might as well skip washing your hair first thing in the morning. Besides, soaping up every day can strip your hair of its natural oils leaving it susceptible to dryness. Avoid brittle, parched hair and opt for shampooing just two to three times a week. On the off days use Dry Shampoo. Simply sprinkle a little of the powder on your oily roots and hairline to freshen up dull hair. Style as usual.

Blow Out Your Hair 

Instead of blowing out your hair every morning, give it a good blowout and style once a week. This is something you could do on a Saturday night before you head out for the evening. A good blow out will help reduce frizz all week and doing it only once will reduce the damage caused by the blow dryer. Keep it fresh with dry shampoo and as the week progresses easily style your hair with low-maintenance chignons or ponytails.

Skip Hair Serums

While extra shine and reduced flyaways is something everyone wants for their hair, the silicon ingredient in serums known for adding shine, can also make your hair look flat and greasy. Skip the serums and use dryer sheets to keep flyaways at bay.

Wash & Exfoliate at the Same Time

Instead of spending time exfoliating and then washing your skin, add the two steps together with a healthy Microdermabrasion Face Wash. Shea butter and fine pumice stone powder make this gentle cleanser perfect for everyday use. You can clean and exfoliate at the same time to leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. To add a quick moisturizer to the routine, go for the Microdermabrasion Kit.


Skipping moisturizer is a big no-no, but even worse is skipping sunscreen. If you are pressed for time first thing in the morning than go straight for the sunscreen and lather up before you head out the door. The moisturizing properties of sunscreen will protect you and can be a great substitute for your regular lotion. Another great way to save time is to condense your face and body moisturizer. Meaning, the same moisturizer can do the entire job. Our Whipped Rice Bran Lotion is the ideal one-stop-shop for face and body.


Makeup can smudge, smear and look unrealistic. But if you feel like you have to have something on your skin (besides moisturizer) to hide flaws, go with a self-tanner. Although it takes a little longer to apply initially, it lasts much longer. Opt to treat your skin with a self-tanner on Saturday night before you go out or Sunday before the week starts and you’ll shave off a good five minutes each morning. Try to choose a self-tanner with a SPF so you can reap the benefits of a sun block as well.

Now that you’ve simplified your morning you’ll have time to actually eat breakfast or maybe even beat the morning traffic! 

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