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Discovering the Ancient Benefit of Rosewater

Discovering the Ancient Benefit of Rosewater

Published by Caitlin on 31st Jan 2017

There are many reasons to fall in love with Rosewater. Rosewater, or “Beauty Water” has been used throughout history in both the culinary world and the cosmetic world for a variety of reasons. No one knows where it originated for sure, but one folklore suggests that an emperor had his city’s water canals filled with rosewater for his bride on their wedding day to fill the air with its scent. Upon walking around the waterfalls and canals, His bride noticed an oily film on the surface of the water and dipped her hand in. She fell in love with the aroma and the emperor began bottling the rosewater in her honor. The wonderful benefit you will notice when you use Rosewater is its ability to instantly alter your mood by provoking all of your senses. I instantly feel myself closing my eyes, taking a deep breath in and enjoying the moment. It seems to have the ability to help muster an emotional strength from within.

Besides it's incredible aroma, Rosewater has so many wonderful benefits. When using Rosewater after you shower and before your moisturizer, it can remove dirt and other contaminates from deep in the pores. I like to spray the Beauty Water onto a cotton ball and do a clean sweep across my skin, removing unwanted residue and leaving me feeling fresh. You may also mist the water directly on your face to hydrate and help create a dewy look.

Rosewater is a gentle ingredient that has many users reporting cleaner, softer and more hydrated skin. It is high in Vitamin C, which is great at repairing your skin's elastin fibers, helping to reduce fine lines and creating that dewy look we all crave. It's no wonder this product has been a staple in the medicine cabinet of so many women throughout the ages. Try it for yourself and be prepared fall in love.  

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