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Old Hollywood Beauty Hacks Worth Using Today

Old Hollywood Beauty Hacks Worth Using Today

7th Jul 2018

Despite Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress at the MTV Music Awards a few years ago and Miley Cyrus’s crazy outfits on pretty much every red carpet she struts upon, many stars use the beauty tricks of old Hollywood before making a public appearance. Regardless of movie star status, these women are no different in their efforts to defy age and do anything possible in their attempts to look ethereally beautiful. While many of their secrets are only shared with a few, there is a handful of advice from yesteryear worth taking to heart – and we have it for you! The following are some of the best beauty hacks of Old Hollywood worth trying yourself.

1. Emphasize Those Lips

Marilyn Monroe’s lips seemed effortlessly perfect, but there was a deep secret behind their perfection. She started with a good Lip Scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. She moisturized with a nourishing lip balm such as our Vitamin E Lip Balm. Then, and this is the kicker, she applied 5 different shades of Lipstick to create the perfect dimensions at all angles. While we can’t recommend applying all of our shades at once (we’ve never actually tried it!), mixing and matching them seems like a great idea!

2. Contour Like the Stars

There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian seems as though she invented contouring, but back in the day Grace Kelly was the queen of this trick to amplify her good looks. She defined her cheekbones by using one shade of Blush underneath them and then applying a slightly darker shade on the apples. If you’re going to try it out for yourself, don’t forget to start with a clean face by using Charcoal Face Wash or our A-List Beauty Kit to hydrate and nourish the skin.

3. Keep Hair Healthy

It seems like stars on the big screen always have beautiful, luscious hair. Rita Hayworth’s trick to healthy hair is actually really easy. Before you wash your hair start with a Hot Oil Treatment. Leave it on for about 10- 15 minutes and then wash out with Emu Shampoo, hot water and lemon juice. Don’t forget to condition with our Leave-In Conditioning Detangler.

4. Get That Youthful Glow

Long before coconut oil was all the rage, Mae West used it to keep her skin looking radiant. For a healthy glow, always be sure to moisturize with our Anti-aging/Moisturizing Serum or any of our moisturizers such as our Rice Bran Moisturizer. You’ll be ready for your close-up!

5. Bambi Lashes

Hollywood’s biggest stars are notorious for having long “Bambi-like” lashes. To ensure your lashes look just as great every day, use our Eye Makeup Remover every night before bed. The oil base will help moisturize the delicate eye area while helping to nourish regrowth.

The biggest starts in Beverly Hills will have nothing on you if you implement some of these beauty tricks of Old Hollywood. These hacks combined with some of our favorite products are sure to please the academy! 

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