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You've Been Boo'd!

You've Been Boo'd!

Published by Olivu 426 on 21st Sep 2020

We know Halloween is looking to be a little different in 2020, so we wanted to give you some ideas to making it a little extra special for the little ones. A recent fun trend is to "Boo! Someone" 

Never been Boo'd? Here's how it works! Simply leave a small package of treats on a friend/neighbors/family members porch with our "You've been Boo'd" sign and instructions on how to keep the fun going (You can find the printable copy below). Then ring the doorbell and run! They will open the door to see their treats but won't have any idea who boo'd them! It's one of my kids favorite new holiday traditions. We love going to houses in our neighborhood or their friends homes and leaving little goodies on their doorstep! It's a great way to spread some Halloween fun in your neighborhood or among your family and friends! The idea is, whoever you Boo! will share the love and Boo! two more homes so your Boo! could turn into a hundred Boos! :) 

This year we thought we would personalize it a little bit by creating my own “You’ve Been Boo'd” printable! We thought it would be a fun way to track just how far our first Boo! reaches. We hope to see our Boo! sign in your windows this Halloween!

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