Bug Repellent


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Our Bug Repellant spray is a godsend. Ward off those pesky critters and stay smelling sweet. Safe for use on pets too. Our custom blend of lemongrass, geranium, lavender and catnip oil (yes catnip oil), helps mask your natural odors, tricking those pesky mosquitoes. Catnip contains the essential oil, nepetalactone, that has been shown to be up to ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET in a study conducted by Iowa State University. Read more about the study here

A real proven winner. Naturally gluten-free. Paraben-free.

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Bug repellent

Smells great, works great!
Posted by Liz, 25th Feb 2017

Great Product!

The smell of this is so nice but it keeps the mosquitoes away. How wonderful to have something natural so we can get away from the chemical DEET. Thanks for making this product.
Posted by Sherry Mau, 18th Jul 2014

Didn't work

I must say that I'm disappointed that this product did not work. I applied liberally and still got eaten alive by mosquitoes.
Posted by Julie Buchholz, 11th Jun 2014

Not in Minnesota

This bug spray does not work in Minnesota. It did not stop the mosquitos from biting at all. I even had the bug spray in my hand and was continually spraying. It didn't do a thing.
Posted by undefined, 5th Sep 2013

It Works! It Works! It Really Works!

Night time is when we get bit in the face from flying bugs that sneak into our home from the outdoors, but before we turn in we spray our faces, neck and other exposed skin, PLUS we also lightly spray our pillows so none of those bugs can land figuring out to get at us while we sleep. This is the first summer we haven't gotten bit so far - hooray! We bought the little bottle to try it out, and today I'm stocking up on the bigger bottle of "Bug Off!" :)
Posted by Santa Monica, CA, 9th Aug 2012


I wasnt sure about the spray working, but trust Olivu's products, so we tried it and LOVE it. It has a great scent, and works better than anything I have ever used, and it natural.
Posted by undefined, 31st Jul 2012


Was a bit skeptical at how this would work, but after applying it watched as mosquitos would land and then take off immediately - no bites! Natural ingredients are safe for children and pets, as well as adults. Thank you for providing a healthly bug spray alternative!
Posted by undefined, 2nd Jul 2012

Bug spray keeps ticks away

I was up north in the woods over the Memorial Day holiday. Had Hartz tick preventer on my dog but came in with 5 ticks on the first day. Sprayed him the next day with Olivu Bug Spray and no ticks at all! Sprayed again the following day and again it was successful. Will use from now on because he smells good and doesn't have any harmful chemicals on his skin.
Posted by Deb Fale, 30th May 2012