Easter - Seasonal Lip Balm


April Seasonal Lip Balms: Jelly Bean & Sweet Spring Sorbet

Our lip balm is the best and we all want soft, hydrated lips. We've put together our most popular seasonal lip balms - one with tint and one without! Our tints are normally $3.75 but when you purchase the monthly special, you get it for only $3! 

Jelly Bean: A fruity and flavorful blend that is perfect for Easter! Don't worry, we picked out all the black licorice and buttered popcorn jelly beans :) 

Sweet Spring Sorbet: A bright and sweet lemon sorbet flavor with our Soft Pink tint! Perfect for springtime! 

Naturally gluten-free.

TO USE: Apply lip tint directly to lips as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, beeswax, flavor optional, mica coloring optional.

There is something so wonderful about a new lip balm! With our Lip Balm of the Month you are able to try a new lip balm flavor each month! These make perfect gifts for friends, co-workers and family! Or you could always just stock up a few for yourself too! 

*As always 20 or more lip balms qualify for a discount...bringing the price to $2/each. 

Ingredients: Beeswax, Olive Oil, Flavor, Mica 

Bulk Pricing:: From 20 to 1000 -- Discount ($1.00)
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