Emu Lip Balm


Emu oil is therapeutically one of the best oils known to man. Because it is an animal oil, it more closely resembles our bodies own make-up, more so than any plant oil. In recent years, Emu Oil has gone up in price due to the demand. Millions have begun to use Emu Oil to help treat psoriasis, eczema and a vast array of other skin conditions. Lucky for us, we have a reliable emu farmer that lives right down the way from us here in Wisconsin. The Emu Oil we purchase is the best of the best. High in fatty acids and lipids, which is what our body uses for it's "defense layer" against the elements, emu oil is great this time of year when our skin is so dry. Not only do we use the Emu Oil for our best selling Emu Lotion, but NOW we have it available as a Lip Balm. This is sure to be a new best seller, as the customers we have that are loyal to our Emu lotion will surely want an Emu lip balm....we just wonder why we didn't think to do this sooner. 

Available in our Original (Flavor Free) or our Natural Herbal Blend, which is a light mint.

Naturally gluten-free. Paraben-free.

Ingredients: Emu oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin E

Learn more about Emu Oil and the terrific benefits for your skin here

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Emu Lip Balm

I got this for my friend's son who was then an 11-year old hockey-playing winter-lover who constantly licked his (angry and sore) chapped lips. Nothing seemed to work until I sent an emu lip balm care package. Regardless of whether it's hockey season, lacrosse season, football season, or swim season - this now almost 13 year old is more than willing to put on this lip balm! No pain!
Posted by Beth, 23rd May 2018

Yes! Something that works

I was having very red lips that were so sore. This is one of the only things that didn’t sting. It now stays in my purse
Posted by Nikki, 13th Feb 2018

The best lip balm

I had a red, irritated ring around my lips that showed up most likely due to hormonal changes. I went to the dermatologist, and they prescribed steroid cream, of course. I love the Emu Whipped Lotion, so I thought I would try the Emu lip balm (original or fragrance free). No joke, it took the redness and irritation away after using it for 1-2 weeks, and my lips feel awesome. Glides on smoothly. I love this stuff, and will always use this lip balm from now on. I am ordering more online after I'm finished writing this review : )
Posted by Nina, 6th Mar 2017

Emu Lip Balm

I tried it over the dry winter months as other brands haven't worked. This glided on so smooth and after a few applications my lips were healed and not so dry. I love it and now its the only kind I will purchase. I love the emu oil line of everything.
Posted by Jenny, 23rd Jan 2017

lips love it

I thought I'd try the lip balm since I love emu oil and found it is very moist and makes my lips soft...I put it on first then my lipstick and it keeps my lips moist. I also use it before going to bed and again my lips are so soft. Emu oil is the best for me.
Posted by MaryD, 3rd Nov 2016