Essentials Kit


This kit has all the "essential" Olivü 426 items we think everyone MUST have. These items have proven to be customer favorites and together form the perfect daily regimen.

Our amazing Essentials Kit includes:
4 oz Shea Butter Face & Body Wash- Our Shea Butter Cleanser is a creamy all over wash with lather. It is full of moisture and is a very delicate daily cleanser. The Cleanser in our kit comes fragrance free.
4 oz Microdermabrasion Wash- How do you fit heaven in a bottle? We think we've discovered it and it's in the form of a lightly polishing face wash. Fragranced with a Bamboo Chypre aroma and containing fine pumice stone, this wash will help remove dead, dull skin cells revealing healthy glowing ones. Gentle enough to use everyday, but usually used 2-3 times a week. A perfect compliment to the Shea Wash.
Rice Bran Moisturizer- This facial moisturizer is a best selling daily lotion that goes on effortlessly. Rice Bran oil helps wick dirt away from the face and contains natural occurring Vitamin E and sunscreens to keep your skin looking it's best. A serum pump dispenses the perfect amount to keep your skin hydrated during dry months. (2 oz)
Anti-Aging Face Serum- Hands down an Olivü 426 must have. Featured in the Huffington Post, it is known by our customers for its ability to fight fine lines and give your skin that glow you crave. Your skin can do wonders with the high level of Vitamin C in this product! If you haven't tried this serum yet, you don't want to pass on it now. (5 ml)

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I will never go back to my old cleanser!

I love the essentials truly is essential to my daily routine. I like switchibg between the microdermabrasion and Shea Butter face wash every other day. The anti aging serum and rice bran lotion is a perfect match, super hydrating but not greasy. I have not had a single blemish since using it.
Posted by undefined, 1st Nov 2015

Loving my NEW silky soft skin

I have used this kit for only four days and already see a difference in my skin. It's softer, silkier and looks healthier. My skin was damaged from the sun but now it looks better than ever! These products have surpassed ALL expectations! Highly recommended!
Posted by Valerie, 17th Mar 2015

Loved everything!

I really enjoyed all of the products included in this kit. If I had to pick favorites, I would choose the rice bran moisturizer and the microdermabrasion wash.
Posted by undefined, 4th Mar 2015

Love the compliments on complexion

Love the facewash. I have had lots of compliments on how young I look. I am 65 and thrilled. The scrub was a little rough actually hurt when first applied-but did the job and do not use it weekly. The moisturizer is great-a little does alot. The anti aging serum is wonderful too. I will definitly buy the wash, lotion and anti aging again and again.
Posted by Betty, 17th Feb 2014

Love This Kit!

Awesome kit. I use these products daily and will definitely get again.
Posted by Lori, 21st Jan 2014