Gentle Castile Wash


An extremely mild castile soap formula, this all-over castile wash is a wonderful cleanser for sensitive skin of all ages. Our thicker gel may be used as an all-in-one cleanser on hands, face, body and hair, making bath time simple and easy.

This wash is great for anyone with Eczema,Psoriasis, or  as it is so gentle on the skin. 


Free of artificial colors and preservatives. You can use the original, un-fragranced formula or customize with a fragrance or essential oil of your choosing. Naturally gluten-free.

To use: Apply to a sponge, loofah or hands and lather generously all over body, face and/or hair. Rinse.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, olive oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, glycerin/vegetable gum extract, rosemary extract, [optional] fragrance

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Castile wash

I just wanted to try this and compare with my shea butter face wash that I've been using. This is very different and I love this too. Has a nice fragrance (I got sandalwood) and leaves your skin feeling very moisturized.
Posted by gay, 19th Oct 2018

Have used this for years on both my boys

We use the castile wash on both our boys for hair and body. We also use it in the foamer and keep it by every sink in the house. It's natural and gentle, but does its job.
Posted by Hillary Wucherer, 20th Feb 2015

My new evening cleanser...

Call me lazy but when I wash my face I don't want to have to cleanse in sections. (first the eyes, then the face, etc.) This cleanser is strong enough to remove my mascara without irritating my sensitive eyes. I sometimes wear a heavy foundation and it removes it without issue. I do notice a slight tightness after washing but it does not last long. After using the toner I apply the night serum around the orbital bone then the Rice Bran lotion. My skin feels wonderful and I wake up with glowing skin.
Posted by LB, 4th Sep 2014

Gentle for delicate face

This gentle soap works well on my face, where many other Non-Olivu products only irritate it. A tiny amount is enough to lather well and it rinses off easily. I like to follow it up with Olivu's Anti-aging Serum. Thank you Olivu for providing an easy to use and gentle soap.
Posted by undefined, 15th Jul 2013

Not what I expected

I thought that this product would leave my skin feeling smooth after use. This is not the case. My skin feels drier than before I used it. This is not typical of Olivu's products, and I have to say I'm disappointed.
Posted by Julie, 12th Jun 2013

Dry skin

I am hugely disappointed in this product. I thought my skin would be soft after use; it is not. My skin is dry and not soft to the touch. Very odd, because I absolutely adore Olivu's products.
Posted by Julie, 10th Jun 2013