Hydrating Face Mist


The name pretty much says it all. Give your skin a drink with hydrating aloe. Can be sprayed directly over makeup, and can even be used to set mineral makeup. We like to use this spray in warm weather to cool-down, in cool weather to rehydrate, and also in airplanes and hospitals as a personal humidifier. It will leave your skin feeling dewy fresh. Customize with your favorite scent for an energizing, calming or purifying sensation.

You can also use this spray to moisturize, perfect for those that don't care for the feel of oil-based moisturizers.

Available in a 2 oz & 4 oz metal spray bottles or an 8 oz plastic bottle. Naturally gluten-free. 

To use: Close your eyes and hold the bottle 8-10 inches away from your face. Spray onto the face once or twice and allow to dry.

Ingredients: Purified water, aloe vera, [optional] fragrance

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So refreshing!

My face gets very windburn from my job and there is nothing better then a few sprays to hydrate and soothe my red face! I love it!
Posted by Aly, 9th Mar 2019

Face mist

I love this!! It makes your face feel so soft and silky
Posted by Amber Eckstein, 17th Jan 2019

Facial Mist

A friend of mine gave me the Cucumber mist a while back. When it ran out I ordered several more. I love this product. Sometimes I even use it as a refreshing "perfume" on my neck and arms. I plan to order some to give as holiday gifts. The price is just right - especially when you have one of your free shipping offers!
Posted by Deirdre, 10th Oct 2018

Face mist

I spray this on and then apply moisturizer, which prevents breakouts for me. Love it!
Posted by Tricia, 17th Jan 2017

Love this product!

I received my first bottle of hydrating face mist as a gift and fell in love with it! I use it at night in place of a heavy moisturizer and my skin has never looked so good!
Posted by Amanda, 16th Sep 2016

Love this mist!

I bought this mist in the cucumber scent, and it is so refreshing! I love it and will be back for more! :)
Posted by Tray Schramm, 9th Aug 2016

This hydrating mist is amazing!

I read the description of the Hydrating Face Mist and thought I'd give it a try. I took it with me when I went to visit my daughter on a warm day, and was so glad I did. We went on a long walk, and I was pretty warm afterward, took out my Hydrating Face Mist, and I was instantly refreshed. This will now be one of my favorite items from Olivu!
Posted by Jenny, 19th Apr 2016

Love it!

Very refreshing, used while on airplane.
Posted by undefined, 9th Mar 2016

Very refreshing.

I brought some to a football an early football game and it was a perfect pick me up after the hot game. My only regret is that I didn't buy a small one to take to the game with me.
Posted by undefined, 1st Oct 2014