Soy Candles


Candles are one of life's simplists pleasures. At Olivü, we hand-pour each candle. Using a natural soy base, we hand fold in the aroma of your choosing when you place your order. We use a natural cotton wick to avoid the black soot. As you burn our candles your home with fill with a delicate aroma. Just the right amount to make your soul happy. It's like an open window on a warm spring day, or walking into the kitchen when someones baking cookies. With so many fragrances to choose from, you'll have to pick one for every occasion. (: Hand-poured with love. 

At Olivü 426, we hand-pour each candle with your hand-selected fragrance. Using natural cotton wicking to avoid black soot, the gentle wafting of fragrance is one of life’s simple pleasures.

***Soy candles, by nature, do not hold as much fragrance as pariffan candles do. One of the lovely characteristics of soy is that the fragrance is gentle. Do not expect these candles to be extremely aromatic, but rather subtle.

Our 8 oz candles come in a beautiful, clear glass tumbler and the 4 oz candles come in a lovely metal tin container.


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I love candles, but I find that many will aggravate my sinuses and give me a headache within minutes of burning. I tried these candles because I have had such great luck with other Olivu products. I love the subtle but noticeable (and customizable) scents, and that they are soy. My house becomes perfectly scented and I have no headache!
Posted by undefined, 29th Nov 2016

These are great candles.

The candles burn so clean and leave my house smelling so nice!
Posted by Rita, 18th Jun 2015

Best scent

I really love these candles. The scent is a pure scent not artificial.
Posted by undefined, 22nd Jun 2014

Great Great!!!!

The candles are so wonderful. They are beautiful and their scents are subtle and don't give me a headache!!!! I feel so happy when I am using them. I have tried many scents and enjoy deciding which one to light next.
Posted by Susie Stagnaro, 23rd Sep 2013

Soy Candles

Soy candles from Olivu 426 are wonderful! So many fragrances to choose from, environmentally safe to burn, long-lasting and a great price. I keep several burning throughout the house and it smells so clean and fresh. I can't imagine not having these. Try one!
Posted by Linda Stoddard, 19th Dec 2012