Summertime Facial Kit


Our Summertime Kit is sure to be a seasonal favorite. This kit helps your skin stay moisturized through the warm summer months. The sun and the great outdoors can be harsh on our skin, but with Olivü's Summertime kit, you'll arm your skin with ingredients that help your skin stay hydrated and looking your best. 

Start the week off with a moisturizing ayruvedic mask to help your natural “glow” come through. Our Rose Ubtan Mask both moisturizes and evens out the complexion. It lends a 'dewy' look to the face that we love in summer.

Next, use the After Sun Bar to gently wash while pumping the skin full of moisture from ingredients like Aloe and buttermilk. It's great for if you've been in the sun all the invigorating aroma of Orange Satsuma is a summertime favorite! 

Our Dry Oil Spray in Polynesian Red will leave your skin feeling silky and smelling wonderful. 

Lastly, what a better way to top off a fresh look than with hydrated lips. Our signature Lip Balm seals the look and helps you seize the day. Enjoy, summer is finally here.



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