Zit Zapper


Banish blemishes fast! Our Zit Zapper is a great tool for when those unwelcome little red bumps begin to surface. Made using 100% french green clay, known for its abilities to kill and draw out impurities. Zit Zapper is gentle enough for sensitive facial skin and won't harm or irritate like many commercial zit creams. A true natural miracle at a great price.

TO USE: Use your finger to dab your faucet to get a droplet of water on it, and then dip it into this zit zapper to form a paste. Spot-check it to the blemish, crawl into bed, and awake amazed to find that the clay has helped draw out the pimple.

INGREDIENTS: French green clay

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It works

My son is going through puberty. So that means acne and this works
Posted by Nikki, 13th Feb 2018

Zit Zapper is amazing

I'm 22 years old and still have zits every now and again. I was visiting Sheboygan for Thanksgiving and every time I visit I have to make a stop at Olivu. When I bought the Zip Zapper I was skeptical it would work, and worried that it wasn't a value for it's size. That night, I had a zit and gave the zit zapper a shot. The next day, my zit was nearly completely gone. I was shocked and still a little skeptical the two were correlated. I've never had severe acne in my life, but I've also never found a product that actually heals my zits once I get them. Since then I've had a few more zits, and every time I put the Zit Zapper on before bed; every time I wake up the zit is gone! This stuff is what dreams are made of and I highly recommend it.
Posted by Shannon, 29th Nov 2017

tried the zit zapper Love the way it dried up my blemish....it took several tries and at last gone...great product

would order again so simple to use
Posted by Mary Dutcher, 30th Oct 2017

Really Works!

Zit zapper is very effective in eliminating zits. I've used in early stages of a zit and it's managed to keep the zit from forming. For formed zits, it manages to get rid of the zit way faster than if not used. Highly recommend!
Posted by Psullivan, 7th Apr 2017

Excellent for overnight treatment

This french mud works wonderfully overnight to "zap" and soothe the occasional acne that pops up. Love it and highly recommend it!
Posted by Sharon, 18th Jan 2016

Zits be gone

This product is great! It drys out the zit without leaving the skin around it dry. I use a tiny dot every time I get a zit and sometimes in my blackhead area and it always clears my skin! I would highly recommend this product.
Posted by undefined, 17th Apr 2015

If you can get over the green face.. You'll love this product!

It tightens skin and eliminates that pesty zit!
Posted by undefined, 28th Feb 2015