Avocado Cleansing Oil


The ancient art of the Oil Cleansing Method is making a comeback at Olivü 426 with our Avocado Cleansing Oil. The avocado oil dissolves both facial oil and dirt, without stripping away the precious fatty layer that balances skin, leaving your skin clean and balanced. We’re hooked. Naturally gluten-free. Paraben-free.

To use: Apply a dime-sized amount of oil to fingertips or cotton ball. Gently rub onto face in a circular motion. Use a warm wash cloth to "steam" impurities from face. No moisturizer is needed afterward. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Avocado oil

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Avocado cleansing oil

I actually don't use this as a cleanser. I use it as a skin softener on my chest where I have some wart type bumps that won't go away. Keeps them softened and manageable.
Posted by Samantha Nyhus, 28th Feb 2019

A must-have!

I use this product every single day. I wash my face with it and it takes off every bit of makeup. Add a few drops to my bath and it leaves my whole body soft. Use it after shaving and it makes my legs super smooth.
Posted by Julie , 2nd Feb 2019

Oil to cleanse skin?

Oh yeah! This Avocado Cleanser is fantastic! Cleans my skin with a gentle massage, and spa-steams my face with a warm washcloth afterwards. My skin is left clean and so soft. I don't need to use any moisturizer before makeup!
Posted by Karen Gerula, 14th Jan 2019

Great product

I have had problems with the skin on my face (dryness from cold winters and adult breakouts). It was a bit strange to cleanse with oil. I am very pleasantly surprised and satisfied with results! Use a little as it goes along way.
Posted by Nicole , 16th Oct 2018

My new cleanser of choice!

I love the cleanser. I massage into my face and hold a really warm washcloth on my face to steam the impurities and wash away my make up. I really like how it cleans. I know you don't have to, but I follow up with Nighttime Repairing Serum and Vitamin E Oil. Love the combination of all of these.
Posted by Jenny, 13th Mar 2017

My All-Time Favorite from Caitlin!

This cleanser is unlike anything I have ever used. It is my go to all winter long and leaves my skin radiant. Highly recommend you try this. Your skin is left feeling soft, refreshed and glowing like no other. Thank you for this AMAZING product!
Posted by Alison H., 19th Jan 2017

Couldn't wait to purchase!

I received a sample in my order a few weeks ago. I couldn't wait to start using it right away! I'm loving the way it makes my skin feel and look. It allows my face to feel moisturised all day. I've since purchased the biggest bottle they sell. Awesome product!
Posted by Emily, 17th Jan 2017


I have dry sensitive skin. I tried this because it sounded similar to Josie Argan Cleansing Oil that I found at Sephora,however it is half the price!! Honestly this product made the Josie Argan Cleanser look and feel like water!! This product is x100 times better than anything I have ever tried. Stop reading my review and put this in your shopping cart! It will make your skin softer and heal your dry skin!
Posted by Morgan, 9th Dec 2016

Love it!

I have used other products from Olivu and I am a big fan of their products. This was another item I wanted to try and I love it. I love how it removes my makeup and it really removes the dirt and oil from my pores. Another product I will order and am so satisfied. I have finally found products that have solved my acne issues! I love probably for the first time in my life putting on makeup and getting Ready in the morning!
Posted by Sara Brey, 21st May 2016