Whipped Avocado Lotion


An Olivü 426 staple. Avocado oil is said to have healing and regenerating qualities. Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, vitamin D, E, minerals, protein, lecithin and fatty acids. It is a useful penetrating nutrient for dry skin. Our customers with eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin issues swear by this lotion.

Select your choice of fragrance and with the option to add natural sunblock for additional skin protection. Available in 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz sized tubs. Naturally gluten-free.

To use: Scoop lotion out with fingers and massage into your skin, as often as desired. Since our lotions are alcohol-free, you will find that you don't need to use as much lotion as with other commercial lotions. If you find that your skin is feeling greasy after use, it means that you are using too much.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, purified water, beeswax, fragrance

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5 out of 5 (based on 45 ratings)
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Love it!

I love love this avocado whipped lotion!! I will be ordering more when I am getting low! It works great!
Posted by Kim R, 16th Apr 2017

Baby Eczema Relief!

I'm an Olive Lotion girl myself, but I bought this to use on my 1 year old's eczema and wow, it works great! After just one application I could see a big improvement. Makes me feel good, too, knowing that the product has clean ingredients and not a lot of extra "stuff." This works better than the "baby eczema" relief products out there! Thanks Olivu 426.
Posted by Katie, 23rd Feb 2017

Kid friendly

LOVE THIS! Used on my younger two children after baths. Not to lite but heavy enough to keep skin soft and smooth all day long. Oatmeal Milk & Honey scent is our favorite!
Posted by Mary, 12th Feb 2017

Avocado lotion

I Love this whipped Avocado lotion. It is more like a body butter,Thick and very hydrating, but It soaks in! My skin is now happy and soft! No longer irritated, itchy and dry... I tried Jasmine ,vanilla ,and peach. Jasmine was to strong for me, and the vanilla smelled like yogurt, so I chose peach to reorder in a larger size because it was a fresh clean scent I could layer with anything. My daughter liked the peach scent best also! What ever scent you choose the lotion is absolutely amazing!A life saver for those of us with hyper reactive ,winter dry, itchy skin!!
Posted by Haley, 24th Jan 2017

Wonderful for winter!

This lotion is the BEST for providing relief and smoothing rough patches on your skin. Two applications and my skin felt smooth and no itchiness. Am ordering more in a bigger size. LOVE this lotion!
Posted by LaurieA, 17th Jan 2017


This is the best - like comfort food for the skin!
Posted by undefined, 17th Nov 2016

Use it EVERY day

Love it in the almond scent. My skin has never felt so good!
Posted by undefined, 11th Apr 2016

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this product!

Absolutely No words can describe the perfection of this lotion. I have never been so thrilled with a product! It is amazing and leaves your face glowing! My husband loves it as well.
Posted by Lisa, 6th Mar 2016

Fixes what we thought was unfixable!

I first bought the lotion as a night cream for myself. In the winter, I get dry patches and nothing seemed to cure the situation. After using the lotion for two nights, the dry patches are gone! The cream is thick, and you barely have to use any. Spread it thin, or it may be too much moisture for you. What a bargain price for a natural product that actually works! The MIRACLE of the cream is in regards to my 5 month old nephew though. He had dry patches of skin on his legs and arm. My sister-in-law had tried all kinds of natural products from lolo bars to what her homeopath recommended. Nothing worked. I said, try this avocado lotion and by day two there was marked improvement! After 4 days his dry patchy skin is almost healed! That is truly a MIRACLE!
Posted by Summer W. , 17th Feb 2016