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How to Keep Your Skin Safe from Air Pollution

How to Keep Your Skin Safe from Air Pollution

6th Jun 2018

Whenever we think about environmental impacts on our skin’s health, it’s usually the sun that gets the bad rap. While sun safety is absolutely a huge issue, other factors such as noxious gases, free radicals, and more can wreak havoc on our skin. Besides being huge health issues, these elements make us look older, which is why scientists are continually researching the effects of toxic air on the skin’s aging process. Recent studies determined there is even a link between air pollution and brown spots on the skin. So, besides holing up in your house and never going outside, what’s a person to do? Here are a few realistic ways to keep your skin protected from the environment and air pollution.

Vitamin E

Our skin contains fats that help to keep the skin cells together. Ozone, the toxic gas formed from UV light hitting mono-nitrogen oxides (whew!), contributes to oxidation of those lipids resulting in damaging breakdown and inflammation. Believe it or not, sunscreens are actually ineffective against air pollution, so the best thing you can do is apply antioxidants like vitamins C and E. Super Vitamin E Lotion is a beneficial and necessary addition to any skin care regimen. Because we are all continuously exposed to ozone, protecting your skin daily is key to keeping it healthy. It is almost as if the ozone was designed to harm our skin! Keep yourself safe with vitamin E. And don’t forget your lips too! They are just as exposed to the ozone as the rest of your skin. Keep your pucker safe with Vitamin E Lip Balm

Vitamin C

Another healthy antioxidant is vitamin C. Specifically, a concentrated blend of vitamin C like that in our Anti-Aging/Moisturizing Face Serum is an amazing way to help boost the skin’s complexion and keep it healthy. The natural blend of oils assists in undoing the harmful aging process caused by the ozone and other environmental elements.

SunscreenAs mentioned, sunscreen doesn’t help protect your skin from air pollution, but it can help protect your skin from aging and should be a regular part of your daily skin routine. You can add your favorite sunscreen to any of our lotions for a hearty blend of healthy and effective sunscreen. Try blending with Whipped Olive Lotion or the Super Vitamin E Lotion we mentioned above.

The Right Cleanser

Keeping your face clear from threatening air toxins can be as simple as washing your face with a healthy and healing cleanser such as our Avocado Cleanings Oil or our Charcoal Face Wash. Removing the tiny and harmful particles from the air that attach to your skin is a huge part of eliminating their effects. These healthy cleanser remove the bad molecules without stripping your face of essential and key oils. These particles are immediately damaging, so washing your face each morning and at night before bed can be extremely beneficial.

Stay safe this summer as you’re out and about with a daily routine of health cleansing, sunscreen, and antioxidants to prevent against air pollution and repair it from damage. 

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