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How to Maintain Healthy Hair

How to Maintain Healthy Hair

15th Apr 2019

Everyone has that friend whose hair remains perfect regardless of rain, sleet, humidity or a hurricane. That’s right, no matter what the weather, these unicorns of the hair variety seem to have the secret to luxurious locks figured out. But you don’t have to let your own bed head, greasy, dry or unruly hair get you down. If you want your hair game to be strong, look no further than these pro tips for maintaining healthy hair. 

1. Avoid Silicone and Alcohols in Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Not only are those ingredients incredibly unnecessary, they can really cause some damage to your hair. Even worse, if your hair is already dry, damaged or color treated, these ingredients can cause split heads and breakage. For salon-quality hair go for our Shampoo loaded with hair nourishing ingredients such as Horse Chestnut Seed Extract and Milk Protein. These natural ingredients and other deep conditioning ingredients like panthenol, a provitamin of B5, can help tame and beautify your tresses. After shampooing, go for our Conditioner to add shine and help add softness.

2. Don’t Shampoo Every Day

This may sound disgusting to those who love to lather up, but do your hair a favor and skip a day or two during the week. Your hair actually needs a break from shampoo to help allow the natural oils to protect the shaft. If your hair tends to be oily, go for our Dry Shampoo in between regular washes. A little goes a long way for helping your hair look its best. 

3. Avoid Brushing Your Hair When it’s Wet

Hair is particularly fragile when it is wet, so use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb when you first get out of the shower. Towel dry and use Leave-In Conditioning Detangler to help remove tangles and add softness. It’s perfect for all hair types, including curly.

4. Use Heating Tools Sparingly

If you live in a warm climate, air drying can be easy. But the winter months can be long for those of us who rely on the hairdryer to get out the door in the morning. Unfortunately heat is the enemy and can really damage hair. If you must use heating tools like hairdryers, flat irons and curling rods, be sure to pre-treat your hair with our Smoothing Hair Crème. The silk protein in this hair creme penetrates your hair and improves its elasticity, aiding against breakage. This treatment also helps to create a barrier to protect your hair from the damages that are caused by heat and the elements.

5. Use a Hot Oil Treatment Every Week

Every week your hair needs an extra deep conditioning treatment to help maintain its shine, touchable softness, and health. Our Hot Oil Treatment is easy to apply and packs a big punch when it comes to beautiful hair. The all nature ingredients in this treatment include wheat protein to coat the hair shaft, soy protein to increase shine, and panthenol to assist in keeping hair shafts moisturized. Emu Oil is also added to help prevent split ends. You can simply use in the shower, or for an extra deep treatment apply just before bed and leave in all night for a super intense hydrating session.

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