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Love Your Selfie - Makeup Tips for Better Photos

Love Your Selfie - Makeup Tips for Better Photos

1st Mar 2019

Anyone who has ever taken a selfie knows that filters can really come to the rescue. When you’re trying to look your best, whether it’s eliminating dark circles or adding the perfect glow, filters have completely upped the selfie game. But what if it were possible to look amazing without a filter? Well, you can with a few great products that are sure to give you beautiful, filter-free selfies every time. 

Eliminate Your Pores

Perhaps you’ve noticed, one of the best things about filters is that they make pores magically disappear. Although your pore size never actually change in real life, things like sweat, makeup and extra dirt can make them appear much larger. To help mask pores, opt for our Rose Ubtan Mask, our Dead Sea Mud Mask, or our Rhassoul Clay Mask. They all help to gently draw out impurities and other gunk to help leave your skin soft, smooth, and completely clear. You’ll notice the benefits immediately so you can go for that extra selfie right away.

Hydrate Your Skin

There’s nothing worse than dry, flakey skin in a photo. Filters add a glow that seems nearly impossible without the use of technology. But, even a great filter has nothing on our moisturizers like our Whipped Olive Lotion and our Whipped Macadamia Nut Lotion. They are loaded with the purifying natural oils and hydration your skin needs for a healthy, dewy glow.

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

Filters do an amazing job of making us look 10 years younger. Luckily, our Anti-Aging/Moisturizing Face Serum and our Tropical Eye Cream can help fight age too by giving your skin an extra boost of Vitamin E to help fight aging. After just a few uses you’re sure to notice a difference.

Pick the Perfect Lip Color

A good lip color can brighten your whole face and make your photos look even better. Don’t forget about your lips before you snap that next selfie. Prime your lips with our Lip Scrub to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Then opt for our classic Merlot lipstick that compliments any skin color.

Don’t Forget Your Locks

Once your skin looks fantastic, you’ll want to make sure your hair is equally perfect. Forget the filters - shiny, healthy hair is all it takes to make your selfies look even better. Our Hot Oil Hair Treatment once a week will ensure your hair stays healthy and hydrated. Our Emu Shampoo and gentle Conditioner are just the thing for soft, shiny hair. You’ll notice how healthy your hair looks and feels from the inside out. To keep frizz and flyaways from ruining the shot, use our Emu Hair Balm.

Get the Right Light and Angle

If you’re one to take your selfies seriously (and if you’re reading this there’s no doubt you are!), don’t forget to check that you’re taking your pictures in the right light and at the right angle. Taking a photo from above can help your face look slender, while facing the light can help illuminate your face. If it’s below, it may cast unpleasant shadows.

Use these tips and treatments for your future selfies and you’ll wonder why you ever used a filter in the first place. Forget the filters, nothing compares to your natural beauty and radiant skin. Go ahead and show it off! 

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