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Remedies for Damaged Hair

Remedies for Damaged Hair

13th Sep 2017

From heat styling and coloring, to over-shampooing and under-conditioning, there are numerous ways for hair to get damaged quickly. Yet, repairing it can take months! If your hair is breaking, dull, and damaged, here's how to restore your hair and have more good hair days.

Don’t Ignore the Issue

One or two bad hair days is fairly common, but if you're noticing yourself having more and more of them, it's time to start taking care of your hair. Though dry, frizzy hair and split ends, can leave you feeling hopeless, it's actually never too late to start healing your hair. From using hot oils and conditioners, to simply cutting back on heat styling, creating new habits can make a big difference.

Consider a Trim

If you're trying to grow out your hair and you think cutting it will only make the process longer, think again. Damaged, straw-like hair can get an instant boost by simply getting a trim. Although a cute bob or pixie cut will take care of the damage in one clean sweep, even a little trim can go a long way. Cut as much as you feel comfortable and then treat the damaged hair with a good conditioner.

Avoid Heat-Styling Damaged Hair 

This one might be tough, especially if blow drying, flat ironing and/or curling is a daily habit. But the more heat styling you do, the more damage you’re doing to your hair. Try air drying when possible, or only using one heat method instead of several. Also, after using a mild shampoo like Emu Shampoo for a nourishing, hydrating cleanse, and moisturizing conditioner with wheat protein and avocado oil, apply a restorative styling treatment like our Leave-In Detangling Conditioner, and let damaged hair dry naturally. If you really need to blow dry your hair, keep it on the lowest heat setting and try our nourishing Emu Hair Balm to help fight frizz and keep fly-aways under control.

Ditch the Chemicals and Color

Again, this one might be hard, especially if you’re in the habit of coloring your hair, but it’s necessary to avoid harsh chemicals like bleach in order to protect your hair from further damage. Consider talking to your stylist about your options including new approaches to coloring your hair like ammonia-free formulas and demi-permanent solutions that aren’t over drying. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid perms and straighteners until your hair is healthy again. But who knows? After ditching those harmful treatments you may discover you don’t need them!

Use Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

A good shampoo and conditioner can go a long way to helping repair your damaged hair and protecting it from further harm. You may even consider shampooing every other or every few days if possible just to avoid stripping the natural oils from your hair, which can contribute to brittleness. If the thought of not washing your hair grosses you out (especially if you hit the gym every day) then consider using a dry shampoo to give your hair a pick-me-up without a full wash.

For really damaged hair, even hot or lukewarm water can cause problems. A good, deep penetrating Hot Oil Treatment that keeps hair shafts moisturized while preventing split ends is always a good idea. Reversing damage by adding proteins and restoring natural oils is key.

In addition to protecting your hair from the outside with proper treatments, maintaining good overall health through drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet, can also help keep hair looking it’s best. Always be sure to consume a good balance of vitamins and essential nutrients as well. Omega-3 fatty acids are great for hair and skin health and can be found in a variety of foods from salmon and avocado to walnuts and flaxseeds. Staying healthy is crucial to avoiding damaged hair and having gorgeous locks for life. 

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