Whipped Emu Lotion


Highly regarded in the cosmetic and medical fields, emu oil normally costs between $350 and $450 a gallon. We source our Emu Oil locally, which has allowed us to ensure quality as well as the ability to pass the price savings on to you.

The benefits of Emu Oil go on and on, but primarily Emu Oil is very high in fatty acids and lipids. This is extremely beneficial to anyone with psoriasis, eczema or chronically dry skin. We have also begun receiving reports of people using it for relief from rosacea. If in the past, you’ve ever slathered on lotion with no relief, then you have to give this one a try. This Whipped Emu Lotion will deliver the fatty acids and lipids that are void in most lotions. We have many who use it to treat eczema, psoriasis, arthritis pain, sore joints & muscles, burn and sunburn relief. I, myself, had originally sought this oil out to help prevent scar tissue.

To read more about the benefits of Emu Oil, read Caitlin's Blog post about it by clicking here

Select your choice of fragrance, and don't forget the option to add natural sunblock for additional skin protection. Available in 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz sized tubs. Naturally gluten-free.

To use: Scoop lotion out with fingers and massage into your skin, as often as desired. Since our lotions are alcohol-free, you will find that you don't need to use as much lotion as with other commercial lotions. If you find that your skin is feeling greasy after use, it means that you are using too much.

Ingredients: Emu oil, olive oil, purified water, beeswax, fragrance optional

Learn more about Emu Oil and the terrific benefits for your skin here

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My best favorite

My skin loves this emu oil whipped lotion. I keep using it because it makes my skin soft ans helps some of the skin rashes on my back. I have learned to add emu oil to it and mix it well and it works even better on me especially my hands with cotton gloves and my feet at night with socks to bed. My skin is so soft. Perfect for me especially in winter. My skin really responds so well with emu oil. Love it.
Posted by Mary Dutcher, 3rd Apr 2019

Nice formula

I got this product for a friend for Xmas and she said it is rich and creamy. I got it unscented because she has some difficulty with scent sometimes and she said even the unscented smells a bit too much like an "oil" like "olive oil" or something like that. I have not personally tried it but I actually think I would not mind a natural scent like that especially if the hand cream is quality (which it appears to be!)
Posted by Jackie , 18th Jan 2019


This is one of the few lotions I am not allergic to. So happy to have found something that I can use on my face and body that reduces redness, acne scares and dryness. Very effective! No fragrances and preservatives has saved me too!
Posted by Jacinda, 28th Aug 2018

I love this whipped emu lotion. It is my favorite and I like the amazing grace fragrance in it. It makes my skin very soft and to me it is the best whipped emu oil cream out ther my all time favorite. I love all emu products because the work well

please read above note
Posted by Mary Dutcher, 7th Aug 2018

Super Moisturizing / Fragrance & Gluten Free

I’ve already ordered two more tubs of this lotions. The ingredients are simple, clean and naturally gluten free. I am sensitive to fragrance so I kept mine without an added scent. The lotion is very light and almost turns into water when you put it on your skin. They’re right that you’re doing too much if it feels really greasy. My skin is super dry and I have keratosis pilaris. While this hasn’t taken my little red bumps away, it’s definitely helped to calm them down.
Posted by Laura, 2nd Aug 2018

Emu Lotion is Amazing

I have been struggling with the effects of adhesive medical patches on my skin for several months. After using the emu lotion for a couple of days, my skin is no longer red and raw! I’m so glad the ladies at Olivu426 suggested this product.
Posted by Pat, 26th Feb 2018

Whipped Emu Lotion

Great product!
Posted by Christie , 1st Dec 2017

Whipped Emu Lotion

This is the perfect lotion for very dry skin. I suffer from cracked heels, which can be very painful. Regular application of the whipped emu lotion keeps my heels soft with no cracks. Especially great in the summer if you wear sandals. I used it this spring in Arizona and it was awesome. I recommend this over any other lotion for dry cracked hands or heels.
Posted by Sally, 2nd Jul 2017

Try Never to Run Out of this Product

It is my "go to" every morning after showering. Locks in the moisture without feeling greasy. I order it without fragrance and add my own essential oil every morning - so I can change the scent. Love it.
Posted by ShellyE, 30th Jun 2017