Men's Head-to-Toe Wash


Our Men's Head-to-to-Wash will quickly become a favorite. Our Natural Wash is perfect for the hair, face and body. Men love this convenient easy to use all-in-one formula. Choose from our signature fragrances....Up North and Great Lakes or use an Unscented one. This wash rinses clean and has a light lather. 

Up North: A woodsy masculine smell for any man who loves to go "Up North" Wisconsin....or any man that enjoys a warm outdoor fragrance.

Great Lakes: Our fresh water lakes are cool and refreshing, just like O-426 Great Lakes Scent. It's a classic cologne fragrance that all men who like to smell "clean" will enjoy.

Unscented: One thing we know is that a lot of men like unscented...which is hard to come by, until now. Perfect for hunters, fisherman or all men in general who just like unscented.

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Just a perfect product!
Posted by Shanda, 29th Dec 2016