Lip Tint


Same great smoothness that you get with Olivü 426 lip balm, but with a kiss of color. The tints are not very dark, perfect for when you want a sheer, more natural glow.

Five different colors available. You also have the option to select a flavor and add natural sunblock for additional lip protection. Naturally gluten-free. Paraben-free.

TO USE: Apply lip tint directly to lips as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, beeswax, mica, [optional] flavor

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5 out of 5 (based on 31 ratings)
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Thank you!

Loved this product when I ordered the GNO a few times and even gave it to a friend. There was one order where the tinted balms had very little tint, which was disappointing and definitely a fluke. So I mentioned this with my last order and received the same wonderful product I used to get, along with a friendly note. Great product and great service. Thank you!
Posted by RJ, 16th Dec 2018

Lip Tint

I highly recommend this product. Excellent moisturizer with a hint of color for your lips.
Posted by Jami, 4th Nov 2018

Lip Tint

I've bought this for years with the SPF - use it daily. It's long lasting (both lasting a long time for many applications and lasting a long time on the lips), leaves my lips soft and with a hint of color. Excellent product!
Posted by Susan, 21st Jun 2018

Feels so nice...

I will never make a purchase without adding at least one lip balm! It is silky smooth on your lips and if you add color, it's just a hint, nothing too strong. I haven't found a flavor that I didn't like. Try them all!
Posted by Kristen C, 1st Feb 2018

Lip tint

Olivu's lip tint is fabulous. Just a hint of color that lasts. I keep it in my bathroom, my gym bag and my car and appreciate that it doesn't melt in the car like other lip products. I also take lots of medication, some of which leaves my lips dry so I apply the colorless tint at night, too.
Posted by Mary Boehnlein, 17th Sep 2017

Lip Tint with sunscreen and personal flavor/scent

OH YES PLEASE! I have used the lip balm for years and have loved it. This summer I tried the coral tinted lip balm and added sunscreen (which I had NOT tried before) and a YUMMY Tangerine scent. SOOOO happy I tried this product; it saved my lips when I got too much sun in the garden the other day! It even stayed on after a dip in my pool! In the few short days using this, my lips are really soft, smooth and I THINK that my top lip looks fuller too! The coral shade is sheer and just a hint of color. I have pale lips so I like this for looking natural, only better than my own lips. And no one has better prices on QUALITY, NATURAL PRODUCTS! If we all knew what I just discovered (at 62 years old!) about the (not good for your health or skin) ingredients in MOST products out there, we would ALL switch to 100% natural ingredients. And don't get me started on ANIMAL TESTING of products! I never saw ANY ANIMALS (mostly little innocent bunnies because they are "LIKE US" in some way!!) using skin, hair and face products. I APPRECIATE that Caitlin uses ingredients that are NEVER TESTED first on animals. Very long review oops! (sorry, not sorry! <3)
Posted by KathyinSoCal, 3rd Jul 2017

Love it

I use this every day. I'm addicted! Bordeaux with Natural Herbal blend is the best.
Posted by AS, 14th Nov 2016

Lip Balm with tint

I love this lip balm - it has just a hint of color and the choice of flavors makes them even better.
Posted by Debbie Tyson, 24th Jul 2016

Wonderful lip balm

Best lip balm. Very moisturizing without caking. Highly recommend!
Posted by Linda Hyde, 15th May 2016