Baby Bum Stick


Olivü 426's Baby Bum Stick is a natural blend of herbs and cocoa butter used to soothe and prevent diaper rash. Keep skin moisture in, while locking bad moisture out. Help prevent and heal a little one's rash common with any kind of diaper. This is one of our most popular baby products with a long list of very satisfied customers.

.5 oz. Naturally gluten-free. Paraben-free.

To use: Apply Baby Bum Stick directly to Baby's bottom liberally with each diaper change and as often as needed.

Ingredients: Olive oil, plantain, chickweed, calendula, shea butter, zinc oxide, beeswax


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Baby Bum Stick

I buy this product for my niece every time I place an order. Her son is six months old and has never had diaper rash. She uses it when he looks a little red and after every poo!
Posted by Kate, 28th Feb 2019

Love This Bum Stick!

I will never use any other product on my son's bottom. I love that it keeps his bottom looking clear and moisturised. I buy these sticks in bulk. My husband and I keep them everywhere! I also love that we never have to get our hands and fingers dirty. One of my favourite products, ever!
Posted by Emily , 6th Jan 2017

No Rash!!

My beautiful baby is almost 5-months old and has never had a diaper rash...I think this is because we have used the Baby Bum stick since day 1. I love that we do not have to fuss with application, it is just like putting lip balm on her bottom. I love that it is all natural, being able to trust this product on her new skin is important to me. I love this product and will always recommend it to new moms.
Posted by Erica Zdroik, 24th Feb 2014

Best Product Available for little bummies!!

My daughter had a bad case of diaper rash and I immediately grabbed for this tube....AMAZING!! Her diaper rash cleared up within a day. An added bonus,was never having to touch the product and get messy fingers! A great product that keeps the bummies soft & rash free, with no sticky, goopy fingers!!! Love it!! Perfect for traveling & the diaper bag. I buy it for all my friends.
Posted by undefined, 13th Mar 2012

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you! My son had a chronic diaper rash for three months there wasn't a diaper rash cream/ointment that we didn't try we went as far as not using wet wipes with no success. After being referred to a pediatric dermatologist with no luck on any of the medicated creams they gave us. I was at a loss then I heard of your store. I used the bum balm on his bottom and it cleared it up within a day! Thank you so much. Your product is amazing! I have since ordered three more tubes! I recommend it to everyone I know with kids. Again THANK YOU!
Posted by Stephanie, 11th Jan 2012

best cream ever!

I love this cream. It's mess free because you never have to put your hands in it. I didn't have a problem with build up on my cloth diapers. It was the only cream that worked for both of my children. And, it lasts a long time. It seems like a lot of money for what you get, but it really lasts forever!
Posted by undefined, 11th Jul 2011

Babies and Mommies Love It!

This is a great product and it has a great name! It works and contains only gentle ingredients for the gentlest skin.
Posted by undefined, 31st Oct 2010