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Hide Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Like a Boss

Hide Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Like a Boss

9th May 2018

Whether you are suffering from dark circles due to lack of sleep or because they “run in the family,” rest assured that hiding them is easier than you may think. The skin under your eyes is extremely thin and translucent, so it reveals every last blood vessel lying underneath. When things like anxiety, excess sodium, sleepless nights, and other stressors occur, the fat pads under your eyes can become herniated, leaving those unsightly bags. It sounds pretty scientific, but the truth is, that bulge can easily be dealt with, and even become a thing of the past. The following tips will help you keep dark circles at bay. 

1. Wash your face every morning with a gentle cleanser

The area under your eyes is extremely tender, so if you suffer from dark circles, you’ll want to use a gentle cleanser such as Gentle Castile Wash. This cleanser is specially formulated to give your sensitive skin a gentle, yet deep clean.

2. Wear sunscreen

We all know that sunscreen is important, but the lengths to which it protects the skin are practically endless – including under eye circles. Add a little “umph!” to your favorite sunscreen by mixing it with
Whipped Avocado Lotion or Whipped Rice Bran Lotion and applying it first thing in the morning under your makeup. After you’ve been out in the sun, use After Sun Bar to naturally hydrate and soothe your skin. Rich in Vitamin E and aloe, this special blend can help to defend your skin against the sun and keep your face looking radiant.

3. Use a hydrating eye cream

Along with a face moisturizer such as Whipped Macadamia Nut Lotion when it comes to moisturizers you’ll want one specifically formulated for the tender area under your eyes such as Tropical Eye Cream. Made from a special blend of coconut oil and cocoa butter, this rich cream will hydrate and refresh tired eyes. 

4. Naturally brighten your skin

Dark circles under your eyes can make your skin look dull and tired. It’s the reason you may hear people say, “You look tired!” (How rude!) Even if you are, they’ll never notice when you naturally brighten your dull skin with Beauty Water. Rich in Vitamin C, this rose water helps to naturally brighten the complexion leaving you with a refreshed look coupled with a heightened sense of well-being thanks to the fresh aroma of roses.

5. Use bright red lipstick under your eyes

File under, WHAT?? But it’s true - bright red lipstick can really help fade dark circles. Here’s the trick: Cover the dark circles with basic red lipstick. Let it set for about 2 minutes then cover the area completely using a blender or sponge full of your favorite concealer. Cover until completely hidden. Finish by dusting with a little powder. Voila!

6. Gently remove your makeup

You know already know that you should always remove your makeup before going to bed, but the process in which you remove your makeup matters too! Always use caution when cleansing under your eyes and use a gentle Eye Makeup Remover.

With these simple, yet effective tips, you can say good-bye to dark under eye circles. Olivu426 offers numerous products to add to your daily beauty regimen so your skin stays healthy, hydrated, and refreshed! 

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