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​Makeup Tips for Flawless Skin

​Makeup Tips for Flawless Skin

6th Sep 2017

From YouTube tutorials, to beauty tricks your grandmother has sworn by for decades, it can seem as though everyone has their own advice for flawless skin. If you're one of those people who has followed every tip and piece of advice, yet still can't seem to get it right, don't worry. You're not alone! Here are some of the most common misconceptions and mistakes that are getting in the way of having that beautiful glowing skin you crave.

Your Cleansing Routine 

First things first, how is your blank canvas? Is it oily? Dry? Unbalanced? While it may seem obvious, having a good skin care regimen can make all the difference when it comes to how your makeup looks and feels on your skin. All too often, women rely too heavily on foundations and cover-ups to make up for their problem skin. Unfortunately, packing on extra makeup can lead to even more issues and breakouts. If you have problem skin, the first step is finding the right cleanser and perfecting the look of your natural bare skin. Once you’ve established a healthy and gentle cleansing routine, you’ll notice a big difference in the way your makeup looks.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Makeup can be very drying. So if it's applied to skin that is already dry or unbalanced, it can look flakey, uneven, and simply won't set right. Be sure you moisturize morning and night with a good moisturizer such as our Whipped Emu Lotion that delivers fatty acids and lipids to hydrate skin. You can also go for a quick hydrating fix like our Dry Oil Spray that leaves your skin silky smooth and hydrated.

Don’t Mix-Match Base Coat & Primer

It's important to ensure that your makeup and primer have the same base. Meaning, never mix silicone-based foundation with water-based primer. It will separate on your skin and will look sloppy. Check the product for silicone based ingredients by looking for words that end in "cone" or "siloxane." If you see those listed then you know the product contains silicone and should not be used with water-based primer.

Keep Things Natural

While it’s fun to play with color and try new things such as purple mascara and fuchsia eyeshadow, for the most part, keeping things natural is a good look for everyone. For example, if you have pale skin, freckles, and red hair, don’t try to go for a beachy look in February with a DIY spray tan. It just won’t look right. Your best look is almost always playing up your most beautiful features – be the hair on your head or the birthmark on your chin. Embrace those freckles or whatever other feature makes you YOU!

Powder Before Foundation

While this may not be what your mother taught you, makeup artists everywhere are consistently encouraging us to ditch our old ways and to always remember to apply powder before foundation. Why? Using the powder first fills pores, makes your makeup last longer, and can help you save money by letting you use less makeup in the long run.

Fixing Spray

The name says it all - and totally worth it!Unlike a setting Spray, a fixing spray does not add to the longevity of your makeup. However, it does help dissolve microspheres in your blush and/or face powder and makes your face look more like skin and less like makeup. Looking as flawlessly natural as possible is always a plus!
Who needs fancy makeup tips when you've got these simple tricks for flawless skin? These basic hacks will surely help get you ready for everything from that big Monday morning presentation to the red carpet and everything in between! 

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