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A Gentle Skincare Regimen for Every Skin Type

A Gentle Skincare Regimen for Every Skin Type

30th Aug 2017

While soap and water are great for washing your hands, when it comes to cleansing your face, a special, more gentle regimen is often required. Regardless of skin-type, from oily and acne prone, to dry and flakey, knowing exactly what it takes to treat your specific skin type can make for a fresher, more attractive look every time. There’s no reason to be self-conscious about problem skin, it simply takes knowing how to best care for it and with what products.

Dry, Flakey Skin

When people hear “problem skin” they often think of oily skin. However dry skin is almost as common and it’s just as complicated. Perhaps making it even more complex are the contradictory studies in numerous scientific journals. Yet, two basic points are almost always unanimous. The first being maintaining levels of hydration are crucial and the second is that intact skin does a much better job holding moisture than impaired skin. 

So what’s the secret to maintaining healthy moisture levels and avoiding dry, flakey skin? Well, perhaps the first step is understanding why your skin gets so dry in the first place. There are several reasons, but fundamentally dry skin occurs when the skin’s surface becomes disrupted and progressively dismantled. Things like the environment, climate influences, your overall health, accumulated unprotected sun exposure, genetics, and a combination of all those things can all cause your skin to lack the proper amount of moisture. 

Regardless of why your skin is dry, the result of all those factors can cause you to require extra help maintaining proper moisture levels. To reestablish your skin’s surface and keep it hydrated, try our Avocado Facial Oil. While it may sound strange to wash your face with oil, this method has been practiced for centuries as it dissolves by facial oil and dirt without stripping away moisture like soap can often do. Another option is our Gentle Castile Wash, which is great for those with dry skin including Eczema or Psoriasis. This gentle wash cleans without removing moisture from the skin.

After each time you wash your face be sure to moisturize with our Whipped Avocado Lotion, rich in vitamins A, B1,B2, B5, vitamin D, E, minerals, protein, lecithin and fatty acids that specifically help to nourish dry skin, or our Super Vitamin E lotion to lock in extra moisture. 

Those with dry skin may feel as though they shouldn’t wash their face more than once a day, however it is still very much recommended to wash your face at least twice a day – morning and night. Properly removing excess dirt, makeup, and oils with a regular face washing regimen can help maintain a consistent balance that brings about a dramatic look you can see and feel on your skin.

Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

The truth is, acne and breakouts don’t just happen to teenagers. They happen to the best of us and some struggle with oily skin more than others. Everything from stress, excess sweating, and even reactions to food, can cause acne to make an unsightly appearance. But you can win the war on oily skin one pimple at a time with a gentle skincare regimen. 

The keyword here being, “gentle.” While deep cleansing may sound like a great idea, all too often such harsh cleansers actually make the problem worse. Our 3-Step Facial Kit is just the thing to help gently cleanse your skin while clearing up problem skin. Best of all, the 2-oz. travel sizes are perfect for throwing in your gym bag or purse so you can always keep your skin looking fresh. We also offer another gentle cleanser specifically formulated for acne. Our Acne Kit is everything you need to gently fight blemishes and keep your skin at a healthy pH balance. Additionally, adding a Facial Toner to your cleansing regimen can help brighten and repair the skin.

Often, those with oily or acne-prone skin think they are better off skipping the moisture in fear that lotions will simply put more unwanted oils on the skin. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Many products that promise to eliminate acne are quite drying. When the skin is too dry, the natural balance of facial oils can be thrown off and cause even more oil. The truth is, even oily, acne-prone skin should be moisturized daily – at least once, to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy pH balance. Try our Beauty Cream for a light, refreshing moisturize that helps to nourish skin while giving it a natural glow. Our Hydrating Face Mist is a light hydrating mist that offers a great way to keep skin moisturized without a heavy, oily cream. 

It’s important to note that your skin type can change at any time. Those who once had very oily skin may gradually find their skin becoming dryer as they get older. Understanding that a shift can occur – because of environment, change in routine or even age - being aware of it happening, and knowing what to do to protect your skin and keep it healthy, are all part of developing a proper skincare regimen. 

So whether you have oily or dry skin (or a combination of both!) the key to keeping your skin looking fresh and balanced is by choosing gentle cleansers and moisturizers made specifically for your skin. Harsh treatments and rough exfoliates are not necessary and can actually cause more harm to your skin. A gentle regimen is always the way to go.

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