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The Surprising Truth Behind Why You Need to Moisturize Even if You Have Oily Skin

The Surprising Truth Behind Why You Need to Moisturize Even if You Have Oily Skin

20th Jun 2018

For the millions of people who suffer from oily skin, the idea of skipping the moisturizer may seem like a good idea. After all, the excess oil itself is like a moisturizer, right? Guess again. Simply put, skin always needs to be moisturized - yes, even if it’s oily. 

Those with oily skin know all too well what it’s like to freak out when seeing the words “oil” on a list of ingredients in a moisturizer. Visions of even worse acne (often a result of oily skin) may make them want to place those skincare products back on the shelf immediately. Yet the fact is, when properly applied, oils in moisturizers can actually help reduce damaging sebum production and give skin a healthy texture.

Moisturizing Actually Helps the Skin

The truth is, moisturizing helps the skin in numerous ways by increasing the skin’s water content and further preventing moisture loss when infused with natural humectants. Moisturizers also help to smooth skin and aid in cell turnover. Allowing skin cells to turnover and repair helps to eliminate pore clogging sebum that causes skin cells to become occlusive resulting in acne. Through the slow evaporation of moisture on the face, sebum producing cells shut down, which means when you use certain types of moisturizers on your face that mimic your own sebum, your skin will produce less each day. This means a reduction of oil over time. In essence, oily skin is not hydrated skin, but in fact a reaction to a lack of moisture. Some face washes dry out the skin in an effort to help eliminate acne. Those products and skipping the moisturizing step in your beauty regime can mean nightmare skin.

Start with Better Face Wash

Adding a moisturizing face wash to your routine can help reduce oily skin as well. You will still want to use a moisturizer after washing your face, but starting with a cleanser such as Avocado Cleansing Oil (yes, we said oil!) can help dissolve facial oils and dirt without stripping away vital nutrients and precious oils. Another great cleanser is Charcoal Face Wash, a purifying charcoal that can help reduce oil and leave your skin perfectly balanced.

Although it may still seem out of your routine, it’s important that after each time you thoroughly cleanse your face, choose a light moisturizer such as our Whipped Avocado Lotion and Whipped Olive Lotion. Both work perfectly without leaving a greasy feel. They are quickly absorbed into the dermis layer and also possess natural humectant properties for an overall feel of softer more supple skin, while leaving pore clogging and irritating synthetic chemical ingredients in the dust. Our Super Vitamin E Lotion helps mimic your own natural sebum, dissolves pore clogging sebum, restores pH balance to the skin, and helps to reduce acne breakouts. This magic moisturizer completely absorbs into your skin without weighing it down and allows it to breathe, leaving you with a soft, velvet-like texture.

It’s important to keep in mind that your skin’s oil fluctuates as does its hydration needs. The weather, environment, indoor conditions and more, can all become factors in the health of your skin. So be sure to recognize your skin’s needs and add more moisturizer when necessary. For example, you may find that you need more moisturizer in the winter than in the summer. Just remember, that no matter the season, and no matter how oily your skin is, never forget the moisturizer. 

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