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Spring Time Baby Products

Spring Time Baby Products

1st Apr 2019

Ah, spring time! Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and there’s a baby shower nearly every weekend. At least it can seem like that when you have to find the perfect gift! From invitations and party favors, to themes and decorations, there are plenty of fun ways to welcome the sweet bundle of joy. But any new mom-to-be knows that the best part of the baby shower is receiving all the goodies before the baby gets here. Having plenty of quality products on hand helps to make life infinitely easier once the baby arrives. So, whether you are giving gifts or stocking up for your own precious one, here are our favorite spring time baby products that are simply irresistible to moms and babies alike. 

Baby Soap
Soap doesn’t get much more adorable than these skin moisturizing milk and natural oatmeal powder bars. As gentle as pure water on baby’s skin, our natural soap feature animals and make the perfect gift. Hand poured in our gentle Castile soap base, you can customize them with flavors such as Johnson’s bedtime bath and baby powder.

Tear Free Baby Wash
Gently wash your baby from head to toe with our liquid castile soap made from coconut and olive oil mixed with Aloe Vera. Gentle and mild, it is naturally tear-free and safe enough to use every day.

Baby Lotion
Make bath time complete with our very mild, gluten-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free nourishing whipped olive lotion. It’s perfect to keep baby's delicate skin extra soft and moisturized.

Baby Massage Oil
Pamper your precious one with a gentle and relaxing massage. The healthy technique has been used for centuries to help smooth sensitive skin while encouraging bonding time between mom and baby. Our naturally gluten-free and paraben-free oil can be customized with a fragrance of your choice.

Baby Bum Stick
Soothe and prevent diaper rash with our Baby Bum Stick containing a natural blend of herbs and cocoa butter. Easy to use, portable, and perfect for any diaper bag, this product is one of our top sellers.
Keep skin moisture in, while locking bad moisture out, with any kind of diaper.

Talc Free Baby Powder
Care for baby without the dangers of talc. Our natural, talc-free baby powder is made from a super absorbent blend of arrowroot powder, cornstarch, and skin softening oatmeal powder. Gentle for use with every diaper change, this powder leaves your baby smelling sweet with a subtle touch of lavender.

Germ Buster Spray
Protecting baby from scary germs is easy with our portable germ buster spray. Made from essential oils, this alcohol-free, safe sanitizer keeps everything from toys to shopping carts safer for teething babies. Perfect for at home or on the go!

Bath Melts
Cradle cap can be a thing of the past with these soothing and moisturizing bath melts made from a natural blend of butters and oils. Packaged in a group of four, simply drop one into the bath to nourish baby’s skin for irresistibly soft smoothness.

New Baby Starter Kit
Babies don’t come with instructions, but at least now they can come with a starter kit. This gift basket is packed full of essentials including: Bath Melts, Baby Bum Stick, Baby Lotion, Talc-Free Baby Powder, Lavender Room Spray, Germ Buster Spray, Tear-Free Baby Wash, and Baby Soap. Pamper baby but most of all, the new mom when you give this gift basket full of must-haves.

New Mommy Basket
It’s easy for a new mom to get so encompassed in the needs of her new baby that she forgets to take care of herself. Give the new mommy in your life an opportunity to unwind, with the perfect basket of items that give her a moment to herself. This gift basket includes all the essentials: 2 oz Sugar Scrub in our Polynesian Red fragrance, 2 oz Whipped Olive Lotion in our Polynesian Red fragrance, 2 oz Gentle Baby Lotion fragrance free, Baby Bum Stick fragrance free, Signature Lip Balm no flavor.

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