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Take Your Makeup & Skin Routine from Winter to Spring

Take Your Makeup & Skin Routine from Winter to Spring

23rd May 2018

Now that the weather is finally warmer, and spring is in full bloom, it’s time to freshen up your makeup and skin routine to match the natural renewal of the season. You can put away your go-to winter look of dark eye shadow and lipstick and opt for pretty pastels and gloss. The following are a few tips from the experts so you can look your best this spring. 

1. Perk Up Your Eyes

With the bright sunshine and floral backdrop, there’s just no need to wear dark eye makeup anymore. To perk up those peepers to match the energy of the season, play with colorful Mineral Eye Shadow. In fun colors such as lavender and silver sparkle, you’ll be as pretty as the blossoms around you. And to rejuvenate your eyes as you sleep, use our Tropical Eye Cream made with a natural blend of coconut oil and cocoa butter.

2. Try a Peach or Rose Blush’s a secret. The Mineral Eye Shadow we just mentioned can be used as a blush, too! The light texture and gorgeous color makes for a light blush that won’t weigh you down. Opt for a natural look with shades like Sunstone Sandstone, Bronze, and Two Tone Red Gold.The pretty colors will leave you with a stunning glow that instantly transforms your face

3. Switch Up Your Lip Color

Dark reds are soooo January. Go for something lighter with a classic Merlot Lipstick or even a Lip Tint fit for strolls through the park. Bonus: there’s sunscreen in the ingredients so your lips stay protected while you’re enjoying the sunshine.

4. Keep Your Face Clear

To look as radiant as possible this spring, be sure to start off each day with a clean face. Wash off impurities and wake up refreshed by using a gentle cleanser such as our Detoxifying Facial Bar or Gentle Castile Wash. Both are gentle enough to use morning and night and perfect to help keep your skin fresh and clear. Now your canvas is ready!

5. Stay Hydrated 

While it’s important to keep your body hydrated, we actually meant your skin! Sometimes in warmer, humid temperatures, it can be easy to forget the moisturizer. But you should always keep your face hydrated and protected with a great, light moisturizer such as our Anti-Aging/Moisturizing Face Serum, our Hydrating Face Mist, or our Whipped Avocado Lotion. Even better, add some of your favorite sunscreen to any of our moisturizers and blend to stay safe from the sun’s harmful rays before you even walk out the door.

6. BONUS: Love Your Locks

With skin and makeup on point, there’s no reason why your hair can’t look just as fabulous. Complement your fresh look with healthy locks. Go for a Leave-in Conditioning Detangler to keep your hair extra soft and completely moisturized despite the rising temperatures. No matter what the humidity, you can easily keep flyaways away with Emu Hair Balm. And you can even skip the hairdryer and go for a natural ocean-kissed look with Ocean Kissed Hair Gel.

Usher in spring with confidence as you keep up with the needs of your changing skin and the looks for the season. Hello, spring! We’ve missed you!

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